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Thread: No longer boatless

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    Just bought a 1980 Avenger (not so much of a ***boat at the moment). Kind of a project its got a merc. "dinosaur" 140 on it :hammer2: .
    i am building another motor for it already but just bought it today, so i was stoked and had to say something to somebody.
    It's gonna be a kinda retro-resto deal, should be great by next season, but i'll run the crap out of it the rest of this year.

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    i prefer to buy older boats and clean'em up.. have fun with your project.

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    Badseed didnt take long to "run the crap out of it", about 30 mins to be exact. had a little wiring problem so it was a short lake trip. poking around the enigne i took out the spark plugs and UH OH. :hammerhea
    good thing i got that other 2 liter 175 HP almost done.

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