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Thread: Congratulations bp .....

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    UBFJ #454
    On your ME (10 Second) WIN @ Chowchilla!!!
    Looks like you need to 'Lose' 0.06 or so though ... Tight in the Semi and, Definately Very Tight in the Final.
    Great Racing!

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    thanks jak. i do appreciate it. before the semi, the air was waffling around a little bit, so i left the boat a little "hot". i saw ken redlight, ran it on out for the 9.992.
    in the final, the air just started to get better about 10 minutes too early, but too late for me to do anything about. i'd taken a little out, but not quite enough. i had a good holeshot on the guy, he pulled up and put his nose on my steering wheel, but plated and didn't want to take the stripe at 7/8, so i thought you just stay there then, and we'll drive on out. my 9.94 wasn't quite as bad as his 9.68 . and, of course, he had no idea where that came from, but he never did go by me.
    it was a good thing that we could stay busy all weekend after learning about the loss of Lance Matty. lance had raced the king kong flat in the mod elim class for 2 decades in ihba, a champion in every respect and one of the nicest people i've ever met. driving from tuscon to chowchilla thursday night for the race, lance, his son daniel, crew chief bob, and bob's daughter perished in a single vehicle accident. lance's daughter survived with severe burns. words cannot describe... first randy, then lance...
    ming, saturday.. boat is ready, driver is ready.

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    see you there Bob, I guess I have business there w/ you via Scott (steelcomp) ... I'll find you.
    Sad to hear about Lance :frown:
    See you there!

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    That is sad about Lance and the others. I got to meet him at Phoenix, and he was a great guy. Big smile, havin fun!! Great racer, dedicated to his sport. I'm sure he'll be missed dearly. I'm really sorry. :frown:
    Thanks Bob. Congratulations, again. Boat sounds like you've really got her dialed in. You've been workin your ass off...glad it's payin off for ya.
    Good luck at Ming.

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    see you there Bob, I guess I have business there w/ you via Scott (steelcomp) ... I'll find you.
    Sad to hear about Lance :frown:
    See you there!
    Thanks Brian.

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    UBFJ #454
    Bob -
    Your a True Racer ... You miss the 'Tune' slightly ... So ... You put him 'Out The Back Door'.
    Check your PMs.

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    Congrats Bob ! It was nice to meet you @ Red Bluff Good luck with your season ! We race in Oregon this weekend (Dexter reservoir) Springfield. Jim DeBoard CDBA Howler #439

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    Good job Bob

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    thanks john. you were awful close too there, big guy. woulda been cool to have a couple jets on top in mod AND top...

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    congrats Bob on your win . You are one bad dude. I will see ya in Bakersfield this weekend. Can you save my spot next to the cans I would appriciate it. Mom and dad are going with the motorhome also we should be there by noon on friday.
    Thanks Bob

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