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Thread: Hello from a new jet boater

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    Fool's Money
    Greetings to all.I recently purchased my first jet boat.It's a 1976 Avenger 171.It is going to be a work in progress until at least next summer.I have a lot of work I want to do(or have done).I've been reading this board for a month or so and am learning a lot.I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the people on this board & I hope to learn even more from the voices of experience here...rather than my own mistakes...heheh.Hope you all pat yourselves on the back for all the help you provide.

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    Welcome to the world of what boating is all about. Oh, BTW, a jet boat is never completely done so get that thought of it being complete by next year out of your head http://free.***

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    Fool's Money
    I guess I shouldv'e's going to be just like any other motorized toy in that respect....never finished just stopped working on it long enough to drive

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    johnnie jetboat
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Jet boating!
    You've come to the right place for info and entertainment(see the big bowl shootout and Berkley vs dominator!).
    And like cas said, You'll never be done with your jet boat. Soon you'll learn the true meaning of 'B-O-A-T'...
    Break Out Another Thousand!!!!
    I hope your wife is as understanding as mine http://free.***!!!
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