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Thread: Any east coasters out there??

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    I live/float in Southern Md. Mostly on the Patuxent and Potomac and I have a 21 Daytona.
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    Dimarco Kid
    I'm a Maine boy,
    Got a Dimarco Drag Hydro with a blown 490 Chevy. And on my way to New York this weekend to buy a 75' Nordic jet boat. 402, (little motor) but this one's for my wife.
    Check out my East Coast regatta idea in ***boat hotspots if you haven't already.
    Dimarco kid

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    im in northern virginia , do you ever go to lake anna me and fatrat, blondebomber are meeting there this weekend to play , wanna go?what part of the potomac do you run i run out of occoquan

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    Dimarco Kid
    You guys keep this shit up and I'll pack my Durango up with my boat, my buddies truck with the jet and haul my ass down there! I'm sick and tired of hearing about you guys gettin' together!!! LOL. I wanna play too!
    Dimarco Kid

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    fat rat
    Hey Hot Rod, what do you think about Lake Anna this weekend...let me know, I need to confirm with the hotel Wednesday. I got one room left, call me, my phone number is on an E-mail I sent you, love to have another Jetter running with us this weekend.
    Nittro did your test run go O.K., I'll call you later this week.
    Yo Philly Ray you gonna make it?
    What about you Blonde got it dialed in for the weekend.
    Last call for Anna.....should be a good weekend, can't wait.

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    fat rat
    I'm sorry Dimarco, I didn'nt mean to leave you out....come on down, my buddy is comming down from Maine off vacation to be with us this weekend, let me know........your more than welcomed. Good idea lets plan something for next year

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    Fat Rat...I would love to go but at this point I don't know if my boat is going to be ready, so I can't commit right now but if it's up and runnin I can always come up for the day. Maybe they will still have a room and I can stay.
    Nitro577...when I float on the Potomac I put in at Goose Bay In Port Tobacco and usually run up to Fairhaven, you ever been there???

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    well have to meet up sometime i can run out of aqua and meet you someplace
    the test went soso destroyed the alternator and blew a manifold gasket but engine pulled great all repairs completed last night ill be at the lake sunday morning e-mail me if you need directions

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    Hot Rod,left some info for ya under the Daytona 21 thred.P.S....the flats in Harve DeGrace Md. would be a GREAT spot for a jet gathering...One MASSIVE sand bar,great water.And also there's a nice quiet spot for some 1/4 mile stuff!

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    Dimarco Kid
    Het Philly Ray,
    any reasons why we wouldn't be able to do something there? Sounds like a good spot, I think.
    Dimarco Kid

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