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Thread: USA in one week... where to visit?

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    Kiwi Legend Jetter
    If you had never been to USA before and had one week to visit one, maybe two places where would you go?

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    What did you have in mind? Something boating related or just sight seeing?

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    Kiwi Legend Jetter
    I guess a bit of both, there is an Indy Car race on at Leguna Seca that could interest me, if there's going to be a jet boating event of any description that will also interset me, i'll be with the wife so can't spend all week looking at boys toys! :-)
    I've heard San Francisco is nice, maybe a couple days there and a trip to Vegas/Grand Canyon, we don't have much like the that here!

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    I would definitely see the Grand Canyon if possible. You could go to Vegas and kill a lot of birds with one stone. They have helicopter trips over the Grand Canyon, Lake Mead is nearby. There really is a ton of stuff to do in Vegas.
    As far as racing goes, here are a couple drag boat links and There are probably lots of other types of racing going on in California and I'm sure others will post more stuff by the time you log on tomorrow. You could also do a search for races in Calif at the time you are coming. Try
    Also, I went to a race at Laguna Secca in the 80's and thought it was cool. I lived in the Monterey area for a couple years. It is really nice up there. San Francisco is also nice. Hit the fishermans warf area & China Town.
    Hope some of this helps?
    PS- Now if I can just make my way over to your country that would complete part of a dream.

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    I'm in Florida, it's spring break during March, lots of fun, not much jetting here, fishing, golf, Disney. I'd go to Manhattan, go to a Broadway show, and the Met art museum.California has movie studios and of course the Calif. jetters can get you laid. Calif.and the south would at least be warm, the rest of the northern part of the country would be colder. You could try Chicago,house of blues,Cubs game (sit in bleachers). Baseball is in spring training now, season starts in a month, go to a game wherever you are. College Basketball tournament is this month all over the country. Spring skiing in Colorado. NASCAR is the fastest growing sport here, see a race. That's Americana.

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    Dude, Vegas! Nuff said. From Vegas you can catch a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon or drive out to Lake Mead and rent a boat or do both. Also, you are only 275 miles from LA, 45 minute flight or 4 hour drive, so you could see the sites in LA if you wanted to. Or even fly to San Francisco. Also, you could fly down to Arizona and catch a spring training game if you wanted to.

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    I have to agree with HD. From Vegas you are close to alot of places to see. The grand canyon, Lake Mead, Havasu, California beaches, Hollywood and the rest of LA, the bay area ect...

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    If you get bored you could come up to Canada and help me shovel snow!

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    I don't want to sound synical here, but Vegas.. "F" the grand Canyon, Vegas IS the 8th wonder of the world.. Go through Ceasars and notice the little details like the ceiling that's actually a sky going from Morning till night every 12 minutes. Check out NY NY, where they actually have a bucks up area, and a ghetto complete with street bums.. Watch the watershow and the Bellagio, (That's a sight to see in itself, truly amazing) swing by the venetian.. If you go to some of the lower class hotels you can find all sorts of neat stuff, like a certain hotel with a pool on the roof surrounded by a bunch of rooms with beds in them. http://free.*** Above ALL ELSE THOUGH, Make sure you eat dinner at what is probably one of the finest resturaunts in Vegas. The VooDoo Cafe, at the top of the Rio, you won't be dissapointed.

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    Njba boat races june 22-23 bakersfield calif lots of jet boats, Jim

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