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Thread: Are you RA? "River Aware"

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    I feel kind of stupid asking this but here goes...
    I have owned a 20ft low-pro Hawaiian jet for 10 years and have never been on a river. I have been on lake Mojave, Castaic, Pyramid, and San Antonio but never the river. I grew up in a boat, always on lakes. I know that knowledge comes with experience but I was wondering if anyone could express in text what is it to be "River Aware"?
    Obviously many of the things learned on lakes apply but what specifically can you think of that is unique? I know it sounds silly but sometimes it takes a stupid question to really make a seasoned boater think about it.
    Whatcha got?

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    I know you'll get a lot of different responses to your question and here are mine.
    1. If you brought it out, you take it back. This mostly applies to garbage. This one really gets me hot. I hate seeing scum bags use the water ways as their personal trashcan.
    2. Grab a boating guide people. Use the right of way correctly & drive responsibly.
    3. Don't boat drunk.
    4. Be respectful of the other folks trying to enjoy the water. It doesn't just belong to you.
    5. Help your fellow boaters when they are in distress. For me, this means broke down boats and not when your friend decides to get hammered and picks fights with everyone within earshot.
    Like I said, there will be more added to this list.

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    1. As Kbitchen trash. I hate seeing our beautiful waterways soured with faded beer cans and trash bags.
    2. If someone tows you in because you broke down.....offer them some money for their gas, time, and courtesy.
    3. Launch ramp, get in and get out so that other people can do the same. I hate it when Jacka$$es can't get themselves together and are completely disorganized on the ramp. Also, learn how to back a trailer properly so that you aren't crooked and taking up two lanes on the ramp. Don't clean your boat on the ramp, pull it up out of the way.
    4. Be nice out on the water, wave to a fellow boater and enjoy the privilege of boating. Leave the attitudes at home peeps! http://free.***

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    I think what you are asking is, what if any differences in lake water and river water. If thats what you want to know then I'll answer.I have boated on a lot of rivers and raced on several. You need to watch for shallow spots, always make a slow pass to check the water then turn around and make that speed run. I've found that you have better control going against the current, you will usually run a little faster with the current. When we race at a sanctioned race it's usually up stream.

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    Be aware of the current. Head upriver, so if your boat dies, you can float back to the dock. Can you drop anchor in under a minute?

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    You hit the nail on the head. Thanks everyone for the response. I read in another thread about mornings being lower than afternoons. Is this universal or just below dams? I think the speed limit on lakes is 5mph within 10 or 20 yards of all shorelines (I think). Does that apply to rivers? Counter clockwise rotation on rivers too?
    I could not agree more about trash and idiots on launch ramps. It takes me and my buddy 30 seconds to launch, 2 minutes to load and go. Notice that jet skiers are the worst! I saw a guy at Katherines landing in Mojave once standing on the ramp in the water with his jet ski waiting for his tow vehicle. He was blocking an entire lane and the line was about 1 hour long. Now that guy had issues far beyond not being river aware. Again a jet ski guy at Pyramid a few weeks ago with an ice chest, raft, vests, chair, small kids all spread out on the ramp. Common god damn sense!!! Of course he got offended when I asked if he could move. Good think I dont carry a gun or I would be posting from behind bars. Ok, I feel better now.

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    RA is a state of mind. It means being able to tie knots (pet peeve), having your docking lines and buoys out BEFORE you approach the dock, starting the trash bag for everyone to use then packing it out, knowing when you can't drive because you are impaired, and looking out for your buddies who are as well.
    Not showing up with less beer than you plan to drink.
    Offering gas money when you ride in someones boat... I'm not talking about making a payment, but pay for gas.
    Bring your own damn Goldfish!!!
    Don't disconnect from a floatilla without telling everyone else that you are going to.
    If you are riding in the back of the boat, learn how to tie off a buoy.
    Don't ever make someone else have to do something to keep you from getting into an accident. This one is universal. If someone else has to change what they are doing, you are wrong.
    If you are the only one "right"... you are still wrong.
    Water guns are not fun, nor funny. Leave them in the pool. You will understand this better when you get a $700 pair of separates soaked by some jackass with a super soaker.
    NEVER, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever throw the car keys around a boat. You will either screw up the gelcoat or lose the keys... take your choice.
    You get the idea. RA is the art of not imposing your weekend on others. Being low-impact on the crowd. If you want to be noisy, go to Parker. Don't bring the party to Blythe where they go for peace and quiet. It seems simple, but many different things contribute towards being RA. It is equal parts knowledge, experience and respect.
    Squirts up!

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    You guys hit the nail on the head. these are all great ideas and apply to lakes as well...
    I think the most important thing is if you didn't grow up around boats then go out on someone else's boat before you buy one...
    I learned a whole lot about the river and boating in general from other people's mistakes, still learning too...
    speaking specifically about the river:
    Don't rely on your fenders if you tie off to a dock, the river seems fine until a party cat or large deck boat goes by, then watch out..Especially that big red tour boat from Havasu..we usually tie off the front bow and hold the boat out with our feet, or tie off to the back of a dock with about 12 ft of rope and let the current hold the boat out.
    watch for large ripples in the water, or rather steer for the flat water...ripples = sandbars, rocks etc..
    the river by Bullhead can be very low in the morning, I've seen boats left out overnight that were sitting in sand the next morning..
    ask someone at the ramp if you're not sure..
    Watch out for the bouy area by Harrah's, the cops are diligent and I've seen people get tickets almost every time i've been there..
    Don't ever, ever hall ass thru any cove, that's where the rest of us go to escape all the damn sea doos...
    Lastly, when in Bullhead cruise into the cove at Lazy harry's and enjoy a nice cold beer...

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    How about it 79hawaiian? Get your question answered? I think with all the answeres you got most of your questions covered. In my opinion, which doesn't account to too much, "RA" is just like the River; ever-changing. The way I try to apply "RA" is along the lines of the old adage "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!" Put yourself in there place and ask yourself what you would like to see done if the situation was flip-flopped and you were in their spot and act accordingly. I also believe that one should be remembered for themselves and not for their actions. So be cool, thoughtful, alert, and show respect to ALL the other boaters and you're there; "RA"! Just spent four days at Parker for OP6CIII and it was the first time on the River since '77 and I sincerely hope that I left there in good graces. Almost everyone was "RA", save for a few individuals and those damn wakeboarders out on the waters at 5:00AM (they know who they are; damn near took on a few of them as "bow ornaments"! Dudes, look before you swing out of your wake! that 75' rope your on damn near reaches across the River!) and I hope I reciprocated! http://free.***

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    BTW, I do have to say one thing else! I have been floatin' Havasu for the last 25 years and I saw more "RA" outta the "rowdies on the River" in 4 days than I have witnessed on Havasu those past 25 years! Maybe it's the close confines of the River or that they're not such a bad bunch afterall! I know I'm a definite convert! http://free.***

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