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Thread: Sanger Super Jet Porposing?????

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    Hi All, Just Got My First Squirter Last Thursday. Its A 75 Sanger Super Jet. Had A Question For All You Pros Out There. This Boat Has A 472 Bb, Berkeley Jet 12JG W/ Droop And 4 Degree Wedge (wedging nozzle upward). There Is Also A Short Ride Plate With Turnbuckles that extends about 3" past the transom. The Problem Im Having Is That It Will Porpose Bad When Just Cruising Around 3-4k Rpm. When You Get On It It Flatens Out And Rides Smooooooth. Would Taking Out The Droop Help This? Just Not Too Much Fun When You Cant Hold A Tastey Beverage In Your Hand While Cruising The River. Thanks For Any Help Guys.

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    86 the wedge

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    NorCal Gameshow
    86 the wedge
    what he said.... or get a place diverter

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    Just trim down a bit........ :messedup:

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    Well Sounds Like Everyone Is Saying 86 The Wedge. Guess Its Coming Out Tonight. Thanks Again

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    Dude get some good info.Post in just jets for the answers. Oh ya 86 wedge and get Place Diverter.

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    If you remove the wedge, the porpoise will just happen at a different rpm or speed. More important without the wedge, your angle of thrust will be lower causing the bow of the boat to lay down at WOT slowing the boat. Get a diverter so you can adjust the trim for any speed.
    My 21' Howard needs to have the hydraulic Place Diverter constantly adjusted as speed changes. The prior owned more than likely spent time and money refining the setup for max speed.

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    NorCal Gameshow
    Well Sounds Like Everyone Is Saying 86 The Wedge. Guess Its Coming Out Tonight. Thanks Again
    you'll still get some porpoising. place diverters are the way to go on a jet $$$

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    Without question the place diverter is the way to go. This allows you to adjust thrust lines. Removing the wedge will get rid of your problem. The place will maximize your speed at all rpm levels.

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    Lake Ape
    Talk to Squirten Thunder, he's got the downlow on the Sanger Jets....

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