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Thread: Bayliner lost on Hwy215 in Vegas

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    I was driving to work this morning on Hwy215 in Vegas going out to Lake Mead and there was a Dodge 2500 pulling a big Bayliner in the fastlane at about 75-80mph. I thought, what a idiot, get out of the fastlane and slow down. I never got past him and just before i was to take my exit i saw the truck, boat and trailer get sideways back and forth across the hwy. The boat slammed up against the center divider, across the hwy back onto the trailer, then off again and dirt was flying everywhere and the trailer came off the hitch but the chains held the trailer to the truck. Luckly the driver was able to save it and pulled off onto the shoulder. The boat is going to need some fiberglass repair, but it really didn't look all that bad. He could probably throw it back on the trailer and get out to lake before noon.
    Sorry no pics.

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    I saw the aftermath on the way into my Office. The Rear of the Boat was on the Concrete Center Divide. I wish I had a Camera as well. The right rear side had a nice hole about a foot long though... He just needs some duct tape...
    *** Grape Ape ***

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    I didn't see the hole. It happened so fast and i was exiting at Warm Springs. It was like it happened in slow motion when it happened.
    Stupid ass shouldn't of been going that fast in the first place.
    Hopefully lesson learned.

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    I don't think the fix will be easy... good 'ol chop sprayed glass

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    Bayliner and 75-80 MPH just don't go together!

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    they only go that fast while on a trailer!

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    That could be the fastest bayliner ever

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    It was a Bayliner maybe he did it on purpose :hammerhea

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    It was a Bayliner maybe he did it on purpose :hammerhea

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    I hope it wasn't mattydoogie or whitedog. Which ever one of those guys who got a bayliner.

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