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Thread: sportjet wear ring types

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    Are there different types of sportjet wear rings, what kinds are available. Has anyone heard of replacing the origanal with a plastic sleeve. We have been biulding them for about a year and it is remarkable how much differenece it makes. Fuel economy,speed, noise,durability are all increased. You guys think it might be something that would fly. Let me know.

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    You might want to go here and read posts by the screen name allblowdup. He or his partner supposedly has a pattent on some sort of new wear ring design/material. He talks about a lot on there but whenever someone presses him for pictures and specifics he always tries to dodge the issue.
    Also, this isn't the forum to come to for the little toy jet boats(sportjets), but you mught try some of the PWC forums. Most everything here is V-8 powered and propelled by Berkeley/Dominator/AT/Legend/Jacuzzi/Aggressor pumps.

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    Thanks. FYI My boat runs a blown BBF with an agresser pump just so you know.

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    What kind of boat do you run cook1? Have you had any trouble with your Aggressor stuff? I wasn't Baggin' on ya about the toy jet boats, I work on them all the time as well as PWCs, but you just won't get much help here at ***boat as far as sport jets go.

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    Ya no problem. I am in the same boat as you so to speak. I run two boats the one with blower is just s family boat made for running up the shallow rivers around here. Made out of aluminum and pretty heavy 3000 lb. The other is a eagle tunnel hull that we are racing this year 468 bbc 730 hp and should go 118 mph but we will see. How bout yourself

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    The family cruiser is a kevlar 21'ft Eliminator Daytona that will be receiving a new 588" bbc soon but is currently running a n/a 522 bbc. I also have a project boat river hotrod that I am working on that is a 79 Youngblood TX-19 gullwing that will be getting a blown 522 and only two seats.

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