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Thread: Big props to Chris Rozmus!

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    Tremor Therapy
    I would like to take the time to give out some big props to Chris Rozmus of Tweeter fame!
    As some of you know, I have a stereo in my boat that has always had issues with running properly. After many $$$$, trips in for repair, and much grief, I finally just gave up last summer after repeated issues with it. Basically 2 years with a high end stereo system that did not work properly!
    Well Roz spent the time to help me get the bugs worked out, and it was no small task. It was no small job to get this thing fixed, and without his help my stereo would still be dead!
    It is this kind of dedication to customer service that will always keep me as customer. He did not do the original install, just sold me the components. Without his help, I would have spent even more money trying to get my stereo system up and running......not an issue I was willing to deal with much longer.
    Thanks for the efforts Chris, you have no idea how much it is appreciated!

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    he hooked me up with an awesome deal on some speakers!

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    ROZ is the man

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    nice Roz

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    Steamin' Rice
    He hooked me up a couple of years ago with my boat stereo gear - great deals. I still owe him a boat ride. :coffeycup

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    Party Cat
    ROZ is the man....if he doesn't know the answer (and that very rarely happens)...he knows where to get it...
    The amp is on it's way home....Thanks again

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    A quality individual of the highest caliber. I would concur.

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    There is no doubt that ROZ is the man, his knowledge is unbelievable. He must sleep at a Holiday Inn Express every night... And, have you ever heard what that guy can eat, that's crazy in it's own right...

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    Definatly a good dude! Thanks for the encouriging calls to the guys in Palm Desert. They finally are getting it done right. lol

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    Chris sucks!

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