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    Hello everybody. I am new in here and it's my first time so please bare with me.... I just bought my first V-Drive boat this Friday. I have been looking for one for a long time but here in Ontario Canada there hard to find if you don't go and get them in the states. It's overall length is 18' 9" and it has a 1968 427 in it. It has been fixed up and painted but the water-cooling lines are not installed yet and I have no clue where they go. There is the water pickup on the rear trim and one oil cooler for the engine oil and one for the small transmition and also there is the cooling to the v-drive gearbox and the line from the stuffing box. I need to know where to go from the water pickup all the way to the end. There is a Neovane pump on the engine with one inlet and two outlets. If anybody knows how to hook these up please let me know it would be very appreciated!
    Thanks Steph :idea:

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    From water pick up in rear to pump #10 AN or larger. Some like to go thru oil cooler to pre heat water then to pump. from pump 2 hose's to front of block. water then come's out themostat area on intake manifold then dump out the side or ?. Now if your running wet manifolds(logs) go from pump to (logs)then
    from logs to the block. One pick up (small?) can go from trans to v-drive then dump thru log or any place you might have avail. You can mix and match some of the above but think it out and understand how it works.Get a new pump impeller unless it is new! Good Luck!

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    note; when I said dump out the "log"above I ment the shaft seal area wear the shaft go's thru the bottom of hull(I have a fitting there on my boat)
    If you have a bunch of pick up's you can run a line to oil cooler by itself then dump but it will only cool when underway but should be ok!

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    How do I post pictures on here??? I have them on my computer.....

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