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Thread: Thunder On The James 4th Of July

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    OK Lets get started,first on the agenda.Friday night car and boat show,starts 5pm in Valdese N.C. we have front row places at the show.
    Butch"s barbeque right behind us,Mira's icecream and sandwich shop
    parking lot is where the show is located!After that there will be an outdoor
    live band across the street,so bring your lounge chairs admisson is free!
    Will have 92.1 FM big dog advertize this event!
    Saturday will be lake day!There will be a cook out this night at the camp ground. Will be supplying barbeque slaw and sauce(Wild Bore). Will need a little help on the rest of the meal. Be sure to pack a lunch for this day on the lake!
    Sunday will be lake day also.Pot luck for this day so everybody bring a little something!
    The Firework shows will be on Monday Night one on the lake and one down town at the recreation center. Either one starts at 9:15 pm.
    Directions to Linville Access Boat Landing are: Interstate 40 West to exit 100(Jamestown Road); turn right, turn left at 2nd red light in front of Freedom High School onto Hwy 126; Boat Landing will be on left about 5 miles past 3 way supply store. This is the long way to the island (if we are able to get the same island this time).
    Directions to Valdese from Hampton Inn, Morganton are: Interstate 40 East to exit 111, follow exit to the right and cross the interstate bridge, go to end of road at red light and turn left, and Myra's will be 2 blocks on right.
    Launch times for the lake each day will be up to the individuals. Cell phone service will be minimal depending on your carrier.
    You can PM me if you need any additional information.

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    Jr Jetter
    Jerry, what are the directions for those not wanting the longer ride to the island (and from interstate) ? I am talking about the ramp next to the bridge, nearest the island ? Might be good to give these directions as an alternative for the gas guzzlers and/or limited supply hot rods (lol).
    Regarding the island (your comment "if we get the same island")....ahhhh....I will have the "***boat" sign in attendance !!!! We will take it over if always......its ours !!!!!!

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    Damn.....................Huffer!!go easy Bro!that all sounds good ,and Jr's got a point on the other acess,and we'll take the island ,don't worry bout that!

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    :rollside: :rollside: Keep your pants on you guys. We will drive the route from the interstate and get precise directions and post them by this weekend. There are alot of turns that way, we wouldn't want anyone to get lost. :rollside: :rollside:

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    Driving direction to Canal Bridge Access from Hampton Inn -
    Interstate 40 west for 12.3 miles, get off exit 94 - Dysartsville Road - turn right at top of ramp - go 6/10th mile to dead end - turn left onto Hwy 70 and go 1.8 miles - turn right onto Bridgewater Road (follow sign for Lake James State Park) - go 1.3 miles to stop sign - turn left onto Benfields Landing Road - go 2.3 miles until road dead ends and turn left, Canal Bridge Access is 1/10th of mile on right or you can go 1.2 miles past Canal Bridge Access on right and park at Hidden Cove Access (open hours are 8:00am - 9:00pm).
    Ramp time 10:00 am. The earlier you get there, the better chance for a parking place. Was at Lake James today and it was packed.
    Food for Saturday Night needed:
    Paper Plates, cups, plastic ware, napkins
    desserts, chips, hamburger buns, drinks, ice
    We will be bringing the Bar B Que, sauce and Cole Slaw.
    Eating places on same exit as Hampton Inn:
    Elpaso (mexican); Sonic; Coffee House; Fatz; Western Sizzlin; Ables Family Resturant (formaly Shoney's);Harbor Inn Seafood;Uptowns BBQ and sandwiches.
    I'm sure you will let me know if I forgot anything.

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    Jr Jetter
    For Saturday night, bringing the following....
    Paper plates
    Plastic cups
    Rolls of paper towels (napkins)
    Chips (various indiv. bags)
    Potato Salad (Miss Robin Cool's)
    Some soft drinks (coke, sprint, code red)
    and of course BEER !!!
    Almost time to go, its getting close.....

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    Is everyone getting ready for Lake James?? I am packing now so I can leave early Friday morning and meet Wideopen for the trip to NC. We will see you there!!
    PS I am bringing the gas powered blender so we can fix some drinks!!!!

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    i will have the grill ,paper plates forks and spoons. hotdogs and buns
    and my favorite sandwich turkey, ham cheese,bologna and tina

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    weather update
    Jun 30 Isolated T-Storms
    91°/71° 30%
    91 °F
    Jul 1 Scattered T-Storms
    92°/70° 40%
    92 °F
    Jul 2 Partly Cloudy
    89°/66° 20%
    89 °F
    Jul 3 Isolated T-Storms
    83°/67° 30%
    83 °F
    Jul 4 Isolated T-Storms
    85°/67° 30%
    85 °F
    Jul 5 Isolated T-Storms
    86°/67° 30%
    86 °F

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