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Thread: Vote for Most Ignorant

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    Who is the most ignorant person posting?

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    Stupid Fast
    Originally posted by HOSS:
    Who is the most ignorant person posting?
    That is way to hard to choose!!!!

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    HOW ABOUT HOSS!!! What a sorry piece of ****.
    Just kidding Hoss!
    Can we pick more than one.
    Topless SUCKS!

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    why has somebody"****ed up?"

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    fire on the water
    I think bigdaddy is kinda of a pussy for gettin' carried away with MsHBjet. Yes, I know she is fine as hell, but shit her husband posts in here as well,(thanks HB, for the advice on silicone!)Sometimes you just need to keep the hormones at bay. Its hard to do with those from Cali, but we are supposed to be gentlemen here.

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    As long as I am not on the list I will vote for anyone... http://free.***

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    I hear ya fire! Maybe a little too much porn. When its every post, you have a problem. Or should I say a LACK OF!

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    decided its not worth my time!
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    Beg for forgiveness for I know that I am not a regular nor do I own a jet (friggin' OB jockey); but it was not specified as to what forum we're votin' for. Therefore, I would like to cast a vote for myself! It did say the most ignorant posting here and I think I fit that bill! In case there is a tie, I would like to point out that I should be declared the winner because I KNOW I'M IGNORANT; unlike the other wannabes. http://free.***
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    You can't nominate yourself,besides..your to neutral,optimistic,and lets not forget happy...nope sorry pal you can't be voted most ignorant,besides, ozzy would'nt like that,his #2 fan voted most ignorant..nah not you gig! http://free.***
    P.S.did you catch the last tour? OZZFEST IS GONNA ROCK!!

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