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Thread: Paging.....Kojac

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    fat rat
    Hows the water level looking at Anna?

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    Hey brother Rat...from what I've herd it's turning into a big Sand Box! On the positive side, the fishing's great, just walk out and grap-em...I bet Bass Cop's jet boat's around!

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    fat rat
    Hey Hammer, have you been speaking to the locals down that way?

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    Hey Fat Rat,
    The water level is down low. We are able to get out at our ramp. The level is so low that I push the bounty hunter out for a good way before I start her up so I can make sure not to kick up sand and mud. Once I'm out in the main channel its ok as long as you look out for new sand bars and rocks. I'm going to use a mud pump to help clear out more ramp space this weekend to insure that some of my friends on the dark side can get out without messing up their props.
    We need rain. I'll let you know if it gets any better.

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    fat rat
    Hey Kojac, thanks for showing at Beast of the East......You, Jack, and Paul sure have some hardcore Stleaths. We look forward to the next Beast of the East at Anna.
    Keep us posted on the water level.....maybe we'll see you in the fall.

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    hey kojak do you have a e-mail i need to get ahold of you

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    Nitro557 I sent you my e-mail address . Kojac

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    i seen and replyed to it talk to you later

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