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Thread: Az Refuge West Of Topock On Fire!

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    I left the house tonight to get dinner and noticed there was a fire. Drove east on the freeway stopping at the Park Moabi turn off and saw that the swamp area of the AZ refuge is on fire. It look alot like the fires that are on the Cali news stations. I have pics from my cell phone and will put them up as soon as possible. The area that is on fire is between Park Moabi and Coors Island....on the Arizona side.

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    Bummer. At least there is water nearby....
    I am going to assume it was a lit cigarette thrown out by an uncaring motorist and berate them unmercifully. :burningm:

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    There was a decent fire started here by lightning today.
    But I will still blame it on some inconsiderate smoker.

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    It was Lightning.....dont think there are many roads to put this fire out.

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    It was Lightning.....dont think there are many roads to put this fire out.
    Dammit, Ari.
    Hard to fault nature for doing its thing. No structures in danger?

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    naw...just the wild life...

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    There are a few pretty good fires going out here now. One up north of Phoenix off I-17, one up north of the Carefree/Cave Creek area and a couple over in the Roosevelt Lake area. I don't know about the one off of I-17, but the others were all started by lightning with a storm that blew through here yesterday and didn't drop any rain. It's going to be an ugly summer. :frown:

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    I drove out of Havasu mid-day yesterday and the lighting strikes were a happen north of Topock.

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    Anybody know if the town of Topock is in any kind of danger? Evacuations?

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