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Thread: Berkeley "F" pump

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    Would any of you stay away from a Berkeley JF pump. I think i've got the letter designation right. It's the type where the clean out hole is on the outside of the transom. It comes with a old style jetovater, hence the JF numbering. To look at it, you would think it's a foot to long compaired to a 12 JC or JE . It's hooked to a BBF on a '78 19 foot Kona. Opinions welcomed. Thank you.

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    i had a e pump on my 78 kona,and it was a great pump.boat ran 70 with stock bbf.they set back further than jg/jc pumps do.i have no problems with them. :lightsabe

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    Thank you Atx. I was hoping it was a good unit. It looks a little strange with the control cables comming out the bottom of the transom instead of the top.

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    If I understand correctly, they are good, but only to a point. If you wanna go fast, I think they are not the way to go.
    Some one else help on this.

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    Danhercules, Thats my understanding also. I've been told the intake is smaller than other Berkeley's. People still use them, but need to open up the intake or replace it somehow. Thanks

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    They can be made to run pretty well. But in stock form they need some help. You deffinitely need to run some type of top loader. The back of the intake is set higher than the keel in front of the intake so installing an add-a-shoe and rideplate can make up for the small intake to some degree. There is little room for error on the Berk intake for drilling the holes for the shoe so care must be taken. You could always get a dominator suction housing which is much thicker, and lends itself better to a shoe. If you get/have a boat with an insert pump you are pretty much stuck with it. I suppose the hull could be worked to install a different pump, but it would be a LOT of work. Depending on the hull of course, but I think 80 mph speeds are doable with an insert pump if it's set up right.

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