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Thread: Maritime Law

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    Boat Cop are you out there?
    Question for BoatCop or someone with maritime legal expertise. Say I'm enjoying the lake and my headers draw attention. The boat cop pulls me over and decides he wants to administer a breath test...even though I was boating safely...which at that point won't REALLY matter. (ya I know, tell that to the judge)
    Since lakes fall under maritime rules, don't I have the right to deny boarding and buy myself time to pass the unrealistic 0.08 limit? Only honest replies please!
    Say I throw the boat cop's rope back into the water and say permission to board denied...what are you going to do? Shoot me?
    Ok, I may be a little biased, but I recently got pulled over by a motorcycle cop who said I was doing 92 (no radar) when I was doing 81 (digital speedo...vette...checked to within 1.5 mph by GPS)
    He claimed he paced me (at night for less than a mile) and we were both accelerating onto a highway at the time. The fact is, he was closing on me and got an incorrect reading. I payed because it was easier to do traffic court than fight the system. That's the first ticket I've had that actually was bogus. BTW, he marked "radar" on the ticket even though he specifically told me he had no radar (which I knew because the detector didn't go off)...didn't notice the radar checked box 'till I got home.

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    Well, you guessed it, shoulda told the judge. If you refuse to be boarded, then you are subject to detainment. Don`t say,"permission to board denied". You could in fact get shot. But it sounds really cool. I would pay to see someone throw the rope back! Ultimately Cool!

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by LVjetboy:
    Since lakes fall under maritime rules, don't I have the right to deny boarding...
    I'm not sure the River is considered "international waters"...

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    Just tell the cops that your drinking should be second to the fact that you are running coyote for the Mexican drug cartel, you have 6 Haitians hidden in the wakeboard compartment, and that the bails of hash under your seat....well, you found it floating in Copper Canyon!!! If that doesnt buy you some time, well, I don't know what will!!! -Dick Danger out

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    I have heard that inland boating law is a whole lot different that maritime law. This isn't like being on the open seas and outside the 3 or 200 mile limit where international law applies. Better go back and read your books again.

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    Please, explain why the ticket is bogus. You were doing 81, right? What was the speed limit?

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    I'm not sure if this would work, but u could let them board, refuse the test and by the time they get a warrent for the test u might be sober. If its like a car u would lose your liesens to boat for six months. sux getting busted.

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    dankirk that attitude is what causes citizens to view law enforcment with contempt. With your logic maybe the cop should had written him for 120MPH .. afterall, he WAS speeding. Has it occurred to you that the fine was probably much stiffer for 92 than it would have been for 81? LV owned up to 81 and my money says if the cop had written him for 81 he would have folded the ticket, put it in his pocket, paid the fine and never said a word. Not only did LV pay for his own mistake, he paid for the cop's mistake as well.

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    Screw the cop.

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    Here is the breakdown fellas......
    Rivers and lakes that are bordered by two differing states, like the Colorado, is subject to federal jurisdiction.
    Rivers and lakes that are not bordered as such are subject to state, county, or local law enforcement. Typically they are handled by the county though.
    Hope that helps!

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