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Thread: Latest NKRA entry to add to the list!

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    Met Jon @ CFW.
    Good Guy. Reminds me of me 3 years ago. :rollside:
    You look at a project in the begining & think "Man I have a lot of work to do". The scary thing is the actual amount of work needed is about 3 times what you are thinking.
    Keep us posted & contact me with any thing I can help you out with.

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    Its that boat, I was really getting close to buying it when it was in San Diego, that thing was a great deal.
    Looks like he is getting ready to treat it well.

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    THATS a nice boat ,looks like they are going to redo it

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    Cant wait to see it done it will be nice. God i love BIESEMEYERS!!!

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    A little back ground on the boat.
    Title show 1970. number 7th boat made (007, no not james bond)
    Long decker, 10 feet long deck. HOW COOL IS THAT!
    Inside is in great shape. Balsa floor, some stress cracks but I plan on re doing the inside complete. (Nothing like Morg had to do. I would not have had the energy Morg did)
    Motor is at Carson Brummette's shop now. After talking to Wayne, v drive Jerry and Billy. We are going blown alcohol. Carson is excited about this project as he grew up in this era with his mandella boats. He remembers Wayne's ColdFire boat very well.
    The original color is metal flake orange. I have not talked to Billy about the color sceme yet, but I think that is what we will end up doing? House of Kolors has metal flake orange that is dead on to the original color.
    Need to re rig boat, turn motor around, get rear tanks made (like Wayne's)
    ready to go?
    yea right, hopefully see you all at needles next year with this boat.
    more pic's to follow.

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    PE 316
    Inside is in great shape. Balsa floor, some stress cracks but I plan on re doing the inside complete.
    I live in Livermore (and work in Pleasanton) and am in need of "cleaning-up" the floor of my boat ('67 Sanger Flat) as well.
    I would be interested in helping/learning with your project if you wouldn't mind...
    Your boat looks like it will be FUN once done!!!
    Mike Barnes

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