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Thread: Willow Valley River House for sale

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    A buddy of mine is selling his house in Willow Valley. Here's the link to his post over on
    Willow Valley house (

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    Speedin' Ian
    What is the deal with these places? What are the HOA's? Do you own the property, or is it a 99 year lease? I may be interested

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    You own the land outright. There is no lease what-so-ever. Its a great place. But local knowledge of the water flows and a few sandbar/rockbars is important for prop boats.

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    So with a budget of let's say 165K I can get a house in Havasu city limits 10 minutes or less from the water it will be an older home albeit but still a stick home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. With a budget of 285K I can buy a trailer home thats outside of needles and surrounded by other trailer homes.
    Hmmm.... Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... :idea:

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    He'll let it go for a lot less than $285K. That's what the realtor wanted to list it at, but he's gonna try and hook someone up. You own the land, double lot and dues for Willow Valley Marina is only like $60/yr. Nice area if your trying to get away from the crowd at Havasu, yet close enough to cruise down by boat.

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    orange picker
    Dude, people are paying $225k for the trailers at Windmill across from Roadrunner and they DON'T OWN THE LAND. Nobody said people were smart. I had a guy stop into Big Bend a couple months ago and offer me $95k CASH for my 30 year old single wide.
    I paid 147k for mine at windmill 2 I hope they go up to 325k :hammerhea

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    orange picker
    You must have bought the first one.
    3rd and I love it :smile:

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    al cole'holic thing about it is the MAAX bath tub!!

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