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    Ralph Brunt
    hello all as the title says i'm NEW at this boat/posting thing, that said i been reading all the post trying to get as much info while waiting for hot boat to let me sign in. the post's have been very informative anyway 4 weeks ago i purchaced my first boat its a 1976 19' foot hawaiian i know i know i wish i woulda waited a little longer but i had the fever lol. 460 with a jacuzzi yj double wammy i just didnt know but it runs pretty good paid 4,000 so it is what it is for now. my question is this is my money better spent on an energizer kit or cavitation plates. as you probabley guessed it cavatates trying not to learn any more expensive lessons than needed. thanx for all your post's as i said before lot's of info

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    new guy, i would check and see if it has a loader in the pump intake verses a stock rock gaurd! if the stock grate is in there then i would see about getting a loader for it, then see if it has a ride plate! these are 2 important things that will make your boating adventure more pleasureable. get this stuff out of the way first b/4 you jump in with too many add ons.just so you can see if this helps or it doesnt! every boat is different and requires a certain finess to get it to the sweet spot..if you get it where your happy with the performance and its turn key every time you go to the lake dont screw with it anymore! you will be much happier....

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    I'd say go with the energizer kit and freshen that pump up.
    I think in this case, the term "cavitation plates" is probably a little misleading. I personally don't have any, but it's my understanding that they're more for adjusting the boat's attitude/ride, and not to reduce cavitation.
    Few people actually need to run cavitation plates. Probably only those that are unable to get rid of porpoise with the usual means (wedging droops up or down, different loaders, adjusting the rideplate, different shoe depths, etc)
    Oldbuck gives good advice too. Check to make sure that your current hardware is correct and in good working order, prior to dropping a bunch of money unnecessarily.
    Welcome to the board.

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    Ralph Brunt
    allright not to seem ignorant but i'm new. loader wtf is that, ride plate, if that goes under the jet no i dont have one there is a like rock guard where the water goes in under the boat so if that's what you mean by loader that's what i got and were do i get these items?? any help is appreciated ralph

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    I have no info for you. Just wanted to say HI and WELCOME.

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    This may be what you need........

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    Nucking futs
    In my opinion and it's just that, you dont need a loader or ride plate if your not going over 55-60 mph. Call the experts, im sure they will say the same thing.I would however get the energizer kit on the pump and spend your money on gas for the summer and have a blast.

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    Just wanted to throw my couple cents in. My buddy on here moparjet has a tahiti with a jacuzzi wj that we had freshened up this past winter. just about cured all his cavitation problems that were happening when taking off. and on top of that he picked up about 8-9 mph on gps.

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