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Thread: rc boat/plane

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    spectras only
    I want one of these in full scale

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    I want one of these in full scale
    Oh great I'm torn between wanting to share that video with Jacob and dreading if I do I'll never hear the end of how badly he wants that!
    It is pretty cool. Would full scale even work anything at all like that? Be too heavy, no?

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    spectras only
    Well , full scale would be rather difficult to make :rollside: .Saw this guy on discovery channel ,who spent decades to perfect his flying car with no airtime yet .Jessie James beat him already , albeit only few inches off the ground :wink:

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    Yeah that's what I figured. The rc toy sure looks like fun though. Maybe someone will figure out a way to do it/similar full scale, someday. Technology has already made previous sci-fi into reality, so I guess anything is possible. :idea:

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    Raisin Wake
    That is cool!!!!! I've dabbled in RC planes and I made an attempt to build a flying boat. It did a great rollover. :jawdrop: Anyway, I think I'll buty one as soon as they're avaliable. Looks Awesome.

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    I am gonna have to have a couple of those!!

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    Hey Atilla I sent you a PM

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    Those things look like fun.

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