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Thread: re: 26' Shockwave cat

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    Anyone have any experience with this boat??? like how it handles, what kinds of speeds with a 496ho set up, approximate price.... i cheked them out at the boat show earlier this year, but havent seen anyone on the boards pick one up yet or i havent seen a wrie up on one yet.. unless of course i missed something, which is most likely the case...

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    There is a good chance that Barry over at Shockwave has answers to all of your questions !! :supp: :idea:

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    There is a good chance that Barry over at Shockwave has answers to all of your questions !! :supp: :idea:
    ya i now... just wanted to kinda get some other perpectives.. i know i can always call the factory and they will usually tell me what i want to hear, just seein if anyone out there(besides the owner of shockwave) has any feedback... thanks though

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    the bottom looks "familiar" :wink:
    I've only seen one on the water, but it should run very well

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    I asked a guy for a ride , I think he had the first one...
    he said sure, bring beer and chicks and he was serious...
    needless to say I never got my ride....

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    I know there were a few at last years regatta... July 30 is the Shockwave Regatta...if you are at Havasu that weekend I am sure you would get your info and probably a ride.
    Or call Jenifer or Barry and ask if you could get some name and #'s of the cat owners.


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    i havent even seen one on the water or talked to anyone that owns one... but thanks everyone so far...

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    IMO its one of the best looking mid sized cats out there.
    Last I read, it ran 70 with a stock 496HO. About what you'd expect from a cat that size.

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    I have been in a closed bow and they are big underneath... Very big for a cat, very nice lines and of course the very nice shockwave touch.....

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    :idea: Are we thinkin bigger boat for the bigger family? Or are we thinkin bigger boat to fill up with Ladies?

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