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Thread: raging waters water park

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    i havent been in 15 years,thinking of going this saturday,anyone beem lately???is it stupid crowded?are the lines just way too long? we will be taking a 5 and 8 year old,and my hot wife,incase you see us there,,ha

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    Mrs. casean
    Haven't been since 1999, but we were done so quick! Went on a weekday though, but the slides seemed smaller than I remembered from where I was there at 12 years old Have fun if you do!

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    Water Romper
    Raging Waters gets VERY crowded and it will be a nightmare over the 4th. The kids in the local area are out of school and the place will be wall to wall children.

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    i was thinking its gotta be better than disneyland on a saturday,at least i can sit in the sun,hope they have beer

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    Water Romper
    No Beer and none for sale. San Dimas police patrol the grounds as well...
    Disney will be a little bit more expensive...get to Raging Waters real early and stake your claim. Low lifes will try an weasle into your seating area, and they will steal your stuff. Bring two adults and do a tag team with the kids. One adult with the kids and the other stays with your stuff.
    Sorry for the news but it's just the way it it right and the kids can have a good time.

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    If you're going to chose to be spend the day in pee water, go to Magic Mountains Water park............much more up to date with better slides :hammer2:

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    Water Romper
    what about "Soak City" by Knotts...I have never been there but the kids seem to like it...

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    JB in so cal
    i was thinking its gotta be better than disneyland on a saturday,at least i can sit in the sun,hope they have beer
    Why don't you guys come on up. We'll hit the beach then tacos at El Patio. At least you won't be swimming in piss; just a little water polution...
    Just a thought!
    I'll throw in 2 or 3 shots of Don Viejo :shift:

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    Yeah, try Knotts down in Chula Vista---it won't be nearly as crowded as Irvine or any of the other places.
    Then of course you can stay real local and do the Wave in Vista...usually good enough for the young ones to enjoy the day, but it does get old quick with only 3 or 4 slides.

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    Caribbean Jet
    I took my nephew over the long weekend and the waits were not that bad. We had a blast, he got to have fun riding the slides and I got to look at all of the hot looking Moms. We both had a very good time. I think that you can save a few bucks by going to burger king or one of the other fast food joints. The one thing that I will say is that it's pretty pricy. Go and have a good time.

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