Just saw this on the News....How focking stupid can people be!!!!??? I know there transvestites..(or however you spell it) but damn!!!
Homicide detectives are looking for a woman who they say injected several people with silicone during a party.
Thursday morning, two people who were injected are still struggling to survive.
Police say it happened Sunday evening at a "silicone party" at a home on Florida Street in University Heights.
That's where a Los Angeles woman injected 5 transgender customers with silicone, reported the San Diego Police Department.
The five customers voluntarily took the injections in hopes of augmenting their lips, cheeks, hips and buttocks, SDPD Lt. Kevin Rooney said.
Several hours later, two of them fell ill and began experiencing breathing problems, he said. Medics took them to a hospital, where they were admitted in critical condition.
"It is not known if the victims will survive," Rooney said, adding that the patients were on life-support equipment.
Police say the suspect, who isn't a licensed medical practitioner, has been identified, but remains missing.
Detectives say this type of case is rare, but not unheard of. In Houston in 2003, a transgender man died after getting an injection of silicone used in brake fluid. Across the country, the practice leads to several deaths every year.
Instead of medical silicone sealed in an implant, illegal injections are usually done at homes or apartments.
Often, a silicone sealant like the kind found in hardware stores is injected directly into the body.
"If you're transgender, your main goal is to look as much like a girl, and a passable woman -- you have to have implants, full lips, long hair...," said Cashmere, a transgender performer.
Experts say the two victims likely suffered infections, then respiratory shock. The other three who were injected suffered no physical problems.
Police have yet to release the identity of the suspect, but if there is a death, she could face murder charges, 10News reported.