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Thread: connecting rod bearings

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    what brand/type of connecting rod bearings do you guys prefer??? Need to get a set asap and don't know what to get. Running a 2 bolt main 454 with pretty much stock bottom end. Thanks

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    I would recommend Clevite "P" series High Performance, not the "p" series passenger car.

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    Clevite is a good brand. You may also want to take a look on the bottom of the bearing and see if the crank has been turned. if it has the bearings will be thicker and it should say how much on the bottom of the bearing. Not a bad idea to change the rear main seal either. my .02

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    i would use the clevite H series race bearings there a lot harder bearing. but i would also do the mains and i would look the crank over well before u in stall. check for gowges and deep scatchs it mite need to be polished or turned if ur other bearings were trashed.

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    Clevite is the collective wisdom, hahaha. Good bearings, not much else to say. :smile: I'm running Clevite 77's in my 454, 2 bolt mains (I forgot that detail among my cast crank & cast pistons on another thread ).

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