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Thread: Spam...twin big boys

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    900 horse, 540's, with Huber 1450 trannies...
    Ready to drop in and run...low hours
    $55K for both (dyno sheets & receipts)
    http://www2.*** :2purples: :2purples:

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    Who built them and how many hours? How many hours on the 1450's?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Wasn't the price $50K before?
    What...are they like a fine wine or something?

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    throw in the #6's and I'll buy them

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    Wasn't the price $50K before?
    What...are they like a fine wine or something?
    Did they include the Huber's before? I was wondering the same thing...

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    I originally bought the motors and trans from GT (used).
    Gt Performance re-built the bottom ends...block work, JE pistons, and original Brodix heads...and MSD's
    I had problems with the exhaust valves burning up....the Brodix had been welded on so I decided to go new.
    At this point I switched back to B & D (he built my Schiada and did alot of work on my brother's race boat with many years of good luck)...I then bought the Edelbrock race heads and had Morgan port them ($3000) and we used inconel valves this time...bought the new carbs & cams, had Littlefield go through the blowers, new balancers, pulleys, etc...(didn't touch the bottom ends because they only has about 5 trips on them)
    I've got 2 big files of receipts.
    Huber went through the trannies mid 2002 and I only ran it maybe 7 more times before I sent it back east and sold it. They were dynoed at Baker Dec.2003 then moved to Skater and have been there till now. The heads and all were done in March of 2003. Pistons, rings, timing chains, block work all done May 2002. So, the bottom ends and trans 7 ends 2 trips.
    They went from 50K to 55K...because I didn't realize the trannies and coolers were still there.
    Make me an offer I can't talks

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    I might split them up if someone wants just one?? :idea:

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    let me throw the motors in my boat and i will put a for sale sign on them so when im down at the lake you should get offers that way???
    maybe within 6-12 weeks (how long is summer again) they should be sold... and if not ill return them to you

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    Sure, drop off the 55K when you pick them up....and if you don't sell them I'll give you back 25K when you return them.

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    Will those trannies work with #5's? Oh and where are the motors now? Skater?

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