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Thread: Why can't our cats do this???

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    My insurance company already thinks it does!

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    I want one! ya think they discount them

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    toby get busy on the 411,you got time

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    Riverroyal check your pm's...if the F'n things are working.

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    I gotta have one, if anyone knows the scoop let me know..

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    This is the place...

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    That's all we need, you cat guys thinking you own the air too!
    The preceding statement was intended to be humorous and in no way reflects the poster's opinion about the Cat and Tunnel peeps

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    Three Days Only
    As soon as he has one done, im on it. I got planes, I got boats, but a plane/boat thats sick!!
    It looks like there controlled the same as a plane basic 4 channel. pretty bitchen

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    Yep, gotta have one too.. I'm thinking one of those Foam planes that hover would be cool too..

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