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Thread: Bartlett Reservoir/Fire Open for Boating or Not?

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    Lake Ape
    Does anyone know or think the lake will be open this weekend? Most of the area around the lake is already burnt but with smoke and all they might shut it down. Anyone hear anything?

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    I doubt it will be open. I think the fire is getting closer to Bartlett

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    Lake Ape
    Looks like a long haul to Apache then. Bartlett is already scorched on on the one the northwest side. Anyone interested in a trip to Apache then?

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    I heard they were pulling boats off the lake earlier today. The fire is burning on the NW end of the lake, but it's hard to say where it will be in another day the way the wind and heat has been fanning it.
    There is also still a couple big fires going up around Roosevelt that you don't hear much about. It's going to be an ugly summer.

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