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Thread: Marine Carpet ???/

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    Ok where do I find the stuff? Can I just go to a carpet store and buy it. Im in Up-State N.Y.

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    any upholstery shop should have the good stuff, preferrably a shop that specializes, or at least does boats.

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    Dan, over here we have a few auto upholstery supply shops, and they sell a nice selection of marine carpets also. See if you have one of those around. Most marine shops should be able to order you some. Great stuff made by L and L textiles (?) available though most shops. Good luck. 1QJ

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    I just bought some decent stuff that I made new trailer bunks out of at HOME DEPOT! It wasn't bad looking stuff even to use as an interior carpet. They called it "Fish N Ski" carpet. Cheap price too, like $4.50 per foot lengthwise, by 6 feet wide.

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    I went with an outdoor carpet. it works great.

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    Home Depot here we come. I will check it out. Thanks Dan

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