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Thread: How can I find what state a boat is registered in?

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    There is an Eliminator 19ft tunnel/picklefork jet down the road from me that has been setting behind a guys shop for the last couple of years weathering and wasting away. Finally after pestering him for the last year or so, I got him to agree to sell it to me so I can restore it and make a lake rod out of it.
    It can be a nice boat again, but it was used as a drag boat for years and ended up changing owners several times and the present owner has no title. We ran the hull numbers in Texas and there is no record of it in Texas, so texas can not help me get a title for it. I guess I need to find the state it was last registered to be able to start gathering papers to get this thing in my name?
    Anyone been through this before or know of a place I can run the hull numbers and find where this boat was last registered? What do I need to do? I have to have a Texas title to be able to register it in texas and get bow numbers.
    Thanks for any help with this.

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    You don't even need to mess with that. Contact Broadway Title Company.
    800-464-3222 I have used them and everything went just as they said it would and at the time I did it I lived in Texas, so I know you won't have any trouble. I got my Texas title without a hitch. It didn't take long either.

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    Thanks Jerry! I will call them Monday.
    I traced the boat back to OR state and talked to them today, and they could not find it on the current computer files , so they are going to the old microfish files for me next week. But maybe that broadway title company will be able to help. Thanks

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    Can they do boats in Louisiana?

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    I have to have a Texas title to be able to register it in texas and get bow numbers.
    go to the texas parks and wildlife website----they have a system where you can file for a lost title for a boat----print out the forms, fill them out with info, send them in along with the $$ to Austin and they will issue a new title

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