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Thread: 455 OLDS Ski Bar !!

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    A buddy of mine, is looking for a ski Bar, that mounts to the back of the engine anybody got 1 they want to part with? this guy takes his family everywhere and they love to ski and tube!!!??

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    i do. pm me!

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    I have one also that i just bought from a board member that does not fit my boat.

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    There are two differnent styles of ski tow for the 455. The first bolts to 2 of the bellhousing bolts and 2 intake bolts. The second bolts to 4 bellhousing bolts. The problem with the first style is that it won't fit some of the common aftermarket intake manifolds as it was designed for a stock engine. The second style might have interference issues with the transom, particularly with a JE/JF pump where the engine sits a few inches further back. I had the second style on a Tahiti with a JC pump and had only about 2" clearance between the tow and transom.

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