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Thread: berkeley jet-drive unit

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    i was going to use it and "build"
    a boat ~however other projects prevail~
    i am not sure what it's worth
    but it's a 5" berkeley jet-drive
    rated for aprox 50hp in perfect condition
    pics available ~click profile for web page
    or e-mail for pics and info
    located in connecticut

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    50 Horsepower? Seems kinda low..
    Is it for a mini boat or something?

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    Wow, what the hell is this thing.
    Not sure why this won't show the picture.
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    i don't know what it came off of
    or if it is 50hp for sure -just what i was told- it may be more or less probly more though
    the drive gear is 1 5/8" wide
    the whole unit measures 20"
    sticks 5" out from transom
    have pics on page linked from profile
    also i have removed all the old attached hull that is in the pics (cleaned up nice!)
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    This jet is still in the ( catalog(volume 6 00/01) They simply call it a miniature jet drive. Up to only 20hp is it advertised rating(who follows guidelines anyway?) Whith 10hp RPM is 5110 20hp RPM is 6450

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    what kind of price did you have in mind?

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    me and a bud put a small jet into an argo 8 wheeler,welded a sprocket onto the input shaft made a frame for a 16 horse briggs, ,helped in faster water,made it easier to turn ,just an idea for someone.

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    couldn't find it in the search of the catalog
    how much for a new one?
    i peeled all the old fiberglass off it and cleaned the dust off- no scratches or marks on the impeller or intake etc...
    it cleaned up nicely -
    i'm located in connecticut
    will think of a fair price today
    maybe someone would like to "make an offer"
    just drop me aline via e-mail for quick responce thanks for all the info and help on this one!

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