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Thread: OH ho ho this is good. Dont pay your fed taxes.

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    Wow let's see if it makes any national news???

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    NO WAY they wont let that happen.

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    What the hell is "OfficialWire" and what is this "" site that hosts it? Looks to me like it's nothing more than a shill site.
    If anybody can find the same tax story on a legitimate news outlet, I'll eat a bug (a small one, but still a bug )

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    Yahoo news good enough for some bug eating?

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    I need to get a hold of my boss and stop all this withholding. And how the hell do I get reimbursed?

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    Ok we have someone with the balls to go for it! Tell me how it turns out.

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    Don't eat a bug yet, that Yahoo "story" is just a press release from "We The People Foundation", and is distributed by PR newswire. Not "news".

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    Shhhh....I trying to get a bug eatin here. Don't pay so much attention. :shift:

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    Dave C
    my advice to you is not to do it... but what the hell do I know. :wink:

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