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Thread: If you were a dog...

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    sorry dog
    What breed would you be?

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    What's with all the dog threads around here lately???

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    sorry dog
    I was just trying to do a clean dog thread.

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    Is anything "clean" on this website??? :devil:

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    Is anything "clean" on this website??? :devil:
    the dog's wanker was washed pretty well

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    Becuase then everyone would hate on me

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    That way I will be able to sit on the lap and be pet every night.

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    hmmmmmmmmm,,,,If I were a dog,,,,,,,and me being me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I`d stay the HELL AWAY FROM FRENCHIE!

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    sorry dog
    I'm thinking everyone is too scared to play this game.
    OK, I'll start. I think I'd be a Labrador, fun loving but hard headed and occasionally destructive.

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    This thread is as gay as they get :yuk:

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