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    Well folks I've been on the water for a long time driving pontoons, speed boats and PWC, now I've just graduated college, I have a good job and I think I'm ready to drop some coins on Powerboat! I'm looking at 28-30 footers, although I only want to spend about $20000 give or take a few 1k. I've found some boats here in the midwest (Missouri is where I'm from home of the Mark Twain Lake and Lake of the Ozarks!). I've been researching this forum for about a year, so any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks for the help so far everybody!

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    A 30 footer for $20K....?????...... :hammerhea

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    search with your criteria (up to $20k and 28-30') and see what's out there. You'll likely be into an old rougher boat with that criteria. Try looking at the 23-28' range and you might find better options
    Also, become educated on what to look for when buying a used boat. Learn and get the tools necessary for a compression check at a minimum.
    Also, budget for fixes/upgrades likely necessary when shopping for that length/price range.

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    Yes I realize that finding a boat that length in great condition will be hard and I am using and And I definitely will have compression checks done on anything I'm serious about, and I will have an independent marine mechanic (my friend works at the Lake of the Ozarks and knows the owner of Port Arrowhead well) inspect it. I might be in a dream world to find a reliable boat in that price range but you never know...if I have to wait until this spring I can probably afford 25k-28k. But if anyone has any solid advice or is living in my area (MO) let me know if you know of any boats for sale.

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