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Thread: SPAM: 16' BeeDee Flatbottom, GREAT DEAL for summer

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    Hey All,
    I'm selling this for my dad, and the boat is a really cool little package. He discovered it under a cover in a local machine shop owner's garage, where it sat for the last 20 years. The owner bought the hull brand new, rigged it himself (and did a really bitchen job), used it once or twice, then parked it and never used it again. We just cleaned everything off, buffed out the paint/gel, rebuilt the motor, and took it to the lake! Here are the details:
    1971 BeeDee 16' Flat Bottom
    Aero Marine V-drive with 25% gears
    11x16 steel 2 blade prop
    Engine is a freshly rebuilt (about ten hours on the rebuild) 390 Ford with high compression pistons and an Isky cam
    New chrome OT pipes, new wheel bearings on wheels of trailer, new battery, starts and runs good. Adjustable cav plate with handle and foot over ride, storage cover.
    The yellow is gelcoat, in good condition with very few stress cracks. The black is paint in fair condition. The floors are clear and beautiful, as this boat was hardly ever used. Seats are black vinyl 1" pleat tuck 'n roll, good condition, and my dad built a center console to cover the v-drive and driveshaft that is carpeted and has a built-in glovebox. The v-drive has in/out. It also includes a custom storage cover.
    This thing isn't a "perfect 10" showboat, but it is very very clean (I'd say a solid 7.5 or 8) and totally turn-key. It is also a LOT of fun to drive, as the rigging is just abotu perfect. It handles great, cable steering is light and tight, and for a relatively mild 390 it goes pretty fast. In fact, the cops at lake castaic claim it goes 77mph, which is what they wrote the ticket for, even though I have a hard time believing that's true.
    Asking price is $4,800 obo. I'll try to get some details pics this weekend to put up. In the meantime, call with any questions.
    -Dan (310) 505-3254

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    You guys aren't asking enough!

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    It Almost Has The Look Of The Nordskog From The Back.

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    Yeah, that's part of the reason I think the boat is so cool... the lines are definately different than most of the cookie-cutter boats from that era. We don't have a ton of history on BeeDee, but from what we've been able to gather they were a small hardware shop in the Long Beach or Southbay area that turned out some boats in the '70s. Construction is really solid, and the hardware is all really nice.

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    that's a great looking boat. Here's an old ad for ya, for some reason my scanner wouldn't copy the bottom half of it, but it was just a cut-out coupon for a brochure, either for boats or their line of hardware for boats. And yes they were in the south bay, in Torrance.
    I was talking to some other old timers and if I remember right, that model you're selling has it's roots tied to Glen L marine in Bellflower. They still sell kits for this model called "Rampage". Looks close to me.

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    Very cool Oldrigger, thanks for posting that bitchin ad. You're right... I've also heard that the 16' BeeDee is a shortened Glen-L.

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    This may be the boat I’m looking for. I’m hoping it will fit in my garage, can you tell me the overall length of the boat and trailer? What kind of condition is the trailer in? Cool looking ….back looks like a Thunderbolt. How does the hull handle compared to, say a Sanger or a Steven? My family is into water-skiing; does it have a flat wake? Mike

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    Bee Dee was in Torrance my Dad used to buy parts there in the 60s / 70s im not sure about the 16 footer but the 18 was built in halfs split down the middle . The place was a dump .

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    Bee Dee was in Torrance my Dad used to buy parts there in the 60s / 70s im not sure about the 16 footer but the 18 was built in halfs split down the middle . The place was a dump .
    Hey, you're describing my boat AND my place! What's your point? 29
    Looks like a great buy and has the lines of all the I see Mandella in the bow, Wickens in the rails, and Radamaker at the transom? But what do I know? Great Price! Nostalgia!!!!!

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