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Thread: The Rev. Williams Engine Project

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    Well The engine is torn down and the block going in the oven for cleaning. The #4 main bearing was spun. It stayed on the crank in 1 piece when we pulled the crank.
    I have taken a bunch of pictures. unfortunately I am leaving to drive to Memphis immediately after work today and will not be back until
    sat night. We plan on going to the lake Sunday so not sure when I can post pics. I will put up at least 1 0r 2 before leaving on the road trip.
    It will end up being a 496 with 9.8:1 Pump gas friendly compression. Found a J$E piston with a 5cc dome. Perfect for the 110 CC Edelbrock heads. Will give it the works for machine work and put a little better cam in it. Gonna have to call the Rev. to see what else his budget will accomodate. lol

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    Ron, Rev says screw the budget, put some cools stuff in to make it go fast.
    He says he knows some good loan guys....

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    OK I gotta get on the road soo....
    "Here Rev. You got a broke tooth on your flywheel. You sure you want to use this? Or is this a toothless joke for us Okies?
    My man Dave getting ready to tear it up.
    This is where it will be torn down. A 30 year old engine shop. down.jpg
    The culprit metal maker
    OK I'm out of here. Will do a much better job when I get back from my road trip.

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    So, what was the cause for the spun bearing???

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    Typical mechanic, always findin' new problems once it's all torn apart...

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Please tell us what caused #4 main to go out? Is that a gen5 or 6 motor? I know the oiling system is different than a gen4. Budlight :idea: :idea:

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    Did not have time for an autopsy. it is Gen VI. Will measure everything tomorrow. It turned perfect all the way apart. Could not tell the bearing was spun until the crank was removed.
    Headed to the lake. More later.

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    His engine is in good hands now.

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    Me and Obnoxious1 are about to do a similar build. A 496, trying to squeeze out 550-600. Should be fun, motor is going in a 210 Hallett doing straight gps 70 with a 454 mag.

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    Hey info I have a new from teague flywheel for internal balance for the rev.Bought it when I was doing my 22 daytona project.Also have a new bullet cam solid roller for bbc I would like to sell.Let me know if interested.Thanks:Allen

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