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Thread: HOW far??

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    99 232 baja
    How far do you drive to put your boat into the water? Seeing I live in Michigan it takes me as little as 45 mins to a small lake or up to 2 1/2 to 3 hr for a BIG lake. It all depends on how much time I have to get there.

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    5 hours :cry:

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    15 minutes.

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    Usually 4 hours to go to our place in Havasu, although sometimes we join friends on their boat to closer lakes or the biggest lake of them all....big blue.

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    10 mins to Pleasant, if I'm going to the East Valley, at least an hour, depends how many beer, food and piss stops we make!

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    Depends on traffic and how many times the boys have to pee.... but the mileage is the same.
    41/2 to 6 hours

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    10 Minutes to lake Hogan, 10 to Comanche North Shore

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    Usually a little over 2 hours (IN/MI boarder) but I do have a boat ramp on a reservoir less than a mile if I decide to boat locally.

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    Depending On Traffic. 41/2 To 5 Hrs.

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    Bryan Rose
    15 minutes local
    1.25 hours to the big lake

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