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Thread: Dog days of summer

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    Here's JennyG's dog. Watch out! It's one mean Grayhound.

    Post your dogs.

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    Dammit Dad, not another dog thread...

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    Dammit Dad, not another dog thread...
    I figured you'd like that son.

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    Miss Perfect
    How long til this thread heads south?? I say it doesn't make it past page one without some kind of photo chop. Anyways, here's my boy Bentley.

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    Here's my 11 month old Basset. We found her in the pound and are now looking for a good home for her. She's a great dog, good with kids, but my 1 year freaks out when she comes around. Anyone interested email me at
    Here's my Boxer. She will be a boat dog this year.

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    Any french poodles in here?

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