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Thread: FREE GAS in AZ.

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    More paper to keep .....but it might just be worth it!!!!
    (May 30th through September 5th)
    The legislature has just passed a bill to rebate us (in ARIZONA) for some of the tax we pay on gas at the pump. Save all receipts to get the rebate.
    here is the info below.
    In case you can't connect from the link below go to and SEARCH for bill number 2781.
    The basic provisions are:
    Motor Vehicle Fuel purchased between May 30, 2005 through September 5, 2005 will be eligible for a partial rebate of motor vehicle fuel taxes.
    Consumers will apply to the ADOT for the rebate.
    Rebate set at ten cents per gallon not to exceed $200 per consumer.
    ADOT will pay the rebate from the state general fund.
    Consumers will be able to apply for the rebate from September 6, 2005 through June 6, 2006.
    See full bill here: Edoc%2Ehtm&DocType=S

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    Don't know where you got your information, but HB2781 was NOT enacted into law.
    It was introduced, but hasn't even been discussed since April. The session closed in early June with no action on the measure.

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