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Thread: nos solenoid

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    just got a super power shot where can i get the brackets to mount the solenoids on the carb?

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    I just bought one of these of ebay (
    Pretty nice

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    I had some 1/8" aluminum flat stock in the garage and made mine. Just cut em, drilled em, rounded the corners, and polished em up. Stronger than the little flimsey factory pieces, you can make em any length you want (I needed more clearance so made em longer than the stock pieces). This one bolts up where the tunnelram top and bottom section fit together.
    The photo below is a clean looking piece, but I figured I already have a gasket, 1" phenolic carb spacer for linkage clearance, another gasket, the nitrous plate, another gasket etc. etc. I didn't want to add anything else to the stack.

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    ok that looks like the one i found in jegs, so i guess you can mount the solenoids up side down?

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    Yup, upside down, sideways, upright...........It's basically just an electrically operated valve. Open or close.

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    great! gonna get started

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