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Thread: what do you think?

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    im thinking of bringing one of my toys to the river when i get back do you think it will play nice???
    two. t2600 turbine motors really f-in powerfull
    gps- about 278 somewhat fully throttled
    ammo- 25 mm-rounds 2000 perr 1/2 min
    19 pod rockets
    flechette missiles
    cost-22 million $$$$
    looks like fun huh---who wnts to race????

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    If you bring it I'll be first in line for a ride!
    (Thanks for your service and for keeping America free)

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    fat rat
    AH-1W Cobra?

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    Water Romper
    Cool, finally a “toy” that can clear the boating “play ground” of all the low-life’s that are destroying our water ways!!!
    All kidding aside…”What a piece of equipment”!!!

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    Does it come with ammo

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    Does it come with ammo
    Does it have an ice chest?

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    Finally, a resolution to all the lake licers!!!!!! Blast 'em would ya??

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    AH-1W Cobra?
    correct...but its the super cobra, you should see the zulu model coming out.

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    Does it have an ice chest?
    for 22 mil im sure we could worksomething out,but it better fill its self up with beer

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    bumpin this as well for riverbound

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