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Thread: nordic pickelfork?

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    Anybody have any pics of nordic pickelforks? :hammer2: :eat: :eat: :eat:

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    Ken F
    there were some posted of one in someones garage a couple of months ago.
    might try doing a search.
    Ken F

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    I have some Pics of one, but you sent them to me. LOL.

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    Hey Tim I guess we are the only ones who are not at the lake!I'm just sitting here in port arthur working on the pickelfork.I installed the speedo,left side fuel tank,and am working on mounting the place diverter.Maybe I'll be ready to run it next weekend,I gotta get it ready for jetfest! :2purples: :2purples: :2purples: :2purples: :2purples: :2purples:
    Taylormanss is still stuck in port arthur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Go over to Tony G's house,,,,,,,,,,,,he has one.

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    Yeah I know!We are gonna try and get his and mine over to the lake to see if mine will float and his too! I havent had my boat in the water yet I don't even know how it will set or sink in the water.

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    Hey Randall......... Is that the boat I thought it was???????

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    yes snowman that's the same boat!

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    yes snowman that's the same boat!
    Was it mine that you are talking about?

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