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Thread: adm boatworks

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    Ralph Brunt
    anybody had any dealings with adm boatworks in westminister ca, looking to get an energizer kit put in my jucuzzi and dont want to get burned heard some horror stories any input greatly appreciated or any other place in so cal thanx ralph

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    hey can you keep me posted on how the energizer kit works out for you (when you get it) I also have a jacuzzi w pump. Do you plan on running a place diverter with it?

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    Ralph Brunt
    yeah i do n8 but it seems difficult to find somebody to give my hard earned$$$$$$ to i allready talked to place and he said since i had the yj i gotta do the kit first

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    You might wanna check out
    The guy you wanna talk to is Tom. The # is on their web site.
    He does alot of pump work, the shop is out of atascadero. Do you have the enegizer kit already?

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    I got my energizer kit from him years ago about 15 years.We didnt know of any other places.had him do a couple of things on my boat replace impeller install some of the energizer kit.only to find out years later some stuff was pretty hacked up and not done right this was 2 different times.Also left my slider for truck in boat cause i was going to pick up with my work truck well slider for hitch wasnt there(i left it on the floor by front seat)and owner says no one was near boat "are you sure you left it there" F N crook stay away.either try tom papp (corona) or MPD(costa mesa)Last time i dealt with adm was about 10 years ago live and learn
    Jack at mpd corrected the work when i had him rebuild my pump 3 years ago and now it worked better than before.BTW there shops are much cleaner

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    Go take a look at his shop. Guy is a slob. I wouldn't let him touch my boat. Did go by there looking for a manual for my WJ and he tried to sell me the Seloc manual. I told him that I had read that the seloc manual didn't cover the WJ and he said "Yes it Does". Got home opened it up. Hes a liar. Go somewhere else.
    If you have a W pump and it is in decent shape, you do not need an energizer kit. Give it to Jack at MPD and when he's done with it you will have a nicer pump for less money.

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    GS Marine did my Energizer kit and it works great with the inducer. I had a Y pump and the difference is night and day. MPD, Tom Papp and GS marine are all good shops and will treat you right. Just my .02

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    Ralph Brunt
    WOW thanks to all of you my only ?? how do i get a hold of mpd no you dont understand i'm new to the jet boat thing first boat and i love it so does my family and i dont want to get burned that's why i ask ???? thank you all again. ralph

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    Red Horse
    MPD all the way. He did my pump, blueprint and all. Great work, honest guy!!
    Marine Performance Designs
    1760 Monrovia St. Unit A-7
    Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627
    This was his information about 2 years ago.

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    sorry bro, I just met that Tom from jetboat performance last summer. Checked out his web site and thats about it. Looks like I wont be using him to work on my s***. Thanks for the info on that shop.

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