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Thread: Indmar 502???

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    Does anyone else have the Indmar carberated 502 ??
    I've got one in my 21 foot jet. I've got the full setback, shoe, rideplate, impeller, and droop.
    Is 51-55 normal? My buddy has a similar boat with the small block fuel injected 6.0. Is seems to accelerate quicker and has the same top speed. I'm wondering why I went with the 502 as an upgrade.
    Not to mention he does NOT have a setback, shoe, ride plate, inducer, or droop. We both have the same diverter.
    I believe his motor is rated at about 380 hp and mine is about 415.
    Should mine be a little faster?

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    Am I the only one with a 502 in this type of boat????
    Would it help if I said I was from Beaumont? :notam:

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    Hey may be a tad quicker because of the lighter weight. As for the speed you wont be but a couple mph faster cause the extras power. Just my opinoin on this

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    I have the same setup on my Ultra 21' stealth as you do and I turn about 4900 rpm. As far as top speed I dont know how accurate the speedo is but it shows around 56mph. I think a gps would be the most accurate way to find out the top speed. Ryan

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    I have a Caliber 1 (same as ultra xs) with a 502, but I don't have a setback pump. Best I seen on the gps was 55, but that was going down river.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I was just a little surprised at the performance of the 6.0 vortec.
    I guess I'm right on with my top speed.

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