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Thread: Place diverter question

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    I just ordered a diverter and hydraulic control and have a question on the hydraulic pump mounting. What type of brackets (if any) come with the kit? I'd like to prep the boat ahead of time and need to know if it'll be a floor mount or if I can mount it to the transom.
    Thanks much!

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    the pump comes with a mounting bracket that the pump slides into. then you tighten the 4 screw/bolts. recommended to mount to the transum as the lines will be shorter. i made an aluminum plate that firsts mounts to the transum then attach the diverter mount to that, useing machine screws coming from the rear of the plate. that way when servicing the pump and such i just remove the stainless nylocks. having to remove wood screws a few times will creat a loose fit. that pump is kind of heavy.

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    i've read that some have glassed a board on the transom then screwed the mounting bracket to it.

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