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Thread: New boat for NO-CAL corral

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    Jr. bentpipes
    Left 4:15 fridayP.M.,returned 6:30 P.M.saturday with this!!http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.*** http://www2.***
    It is not mine,it is a freinds, and it is a NICE boat!!!!!! congrats DA-BULL!!!!

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    Jr. bentpipes
    Oh,by the way,Tom is a really NICE guy,it was hard to leave,fun to talk with!!! and his boat kicks ass!!! http://www2.***

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    Awsome lookin ride!!!! I got a nut on for flames as it is.... What make and year is it?

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    Jr. bentpipes
    87 Howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats... Im sure she will turn lots of heads... Can I be so bold to ask what ya had to give for her???? All though im stupid enough to put $27,000 in a 57 392 roid... And man it would look bitchin in that boat... Mike

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    that trailer looks familiar...the blue one that is...............

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    Damn, the boats are nice an all, but that garage gave me a chubby!

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    Looks like Mike Lewis's "Hot Headed" boat.....Very nice....... :wink: :wink: :wink:

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    Wow!! Very Nice! is that the motor that's going in to it in the back ground?

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    Wow!! Very Nice! is that the motor that's going in to it in the back ground?Rumor has it that the engine will be on VIDEO real soon. Could it be another NKRA boat will hit the water????.

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