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Thread: 455 KA heads

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    Ken F
    A friend is looking for a set of "KA" marine heads for a 455.
    If anyone has any they are willing to part with, or knows where to look please let me know. He said a set of "rebuilders" would be fine.
    Ken F

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    i have a set of Ga heads free you pay shipping. heads are three ribs@end [ w- 30 casting 409100 heads are all there came off 71 sidewinder . nyjetboat@yahoo .com

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    i too have a couple sets of 455 heads. (C) castings i believe. might have a set of (K) heads that dropped some exhaust seats, id have to look. may have tossed em in the clean up. nothing bolt on ready.

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    Hi. was wondering if anyone in the midwest had a Ka head? One of mine has a crack in it. I live in Mn and am looking for parts to start working on my sanger, thanks if anyone can help me up here.

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    is the crack major? its common for the area between the seats to show a small crack, but ive seem them run like that for many years. is there a problem or did you just notice it while having it apart?

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    crack not visible to naked eye, had it maged along with block and it showed up between intake and exaust valve. just figured that once its apart no sence in putting it back together with a crack in it. can this be repaired?

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    that repair has been done many times over. any time a repair is in the combustion chanber its "iffy". you just never know. but yes it can be repaired. does the crack go into the seating area of the intake? to see how far it goes in the exhaust you need to remove the seat anyhow, so your allready spending money. your machinst should be able to give you better advise on the reliability of the head as he has seen the area of concern. useing a 99% nickle content filler is key to repairing cast iron. (K) heads are hard to find and when i (actually i loaned the boat out to someone) dropped the seats on mine i replaced the heads with i believe either (G) or (C) head which have a smaller intake valve. i did some mild porting to them and bolted them on and got another 300 rpm out of the motor with no other mods. so dont discount the idea of replaceing yours with differant castings. whenever a desired performance OEM part is discovered and publicised, its useually to get the optimum performance from a high end engine. matching all components with the right combo is key to good performance.

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    Ken F
    He is specificly looking for a set of KA heads.
    Vic, if you have time to look I'd appreciate it. He won't care if they need work.
    Ken F

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    found the KAs. check your PMs.

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