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Thread: Rewarder Header Water line Hook-up

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    I was told to hook up my header injection line like the following: jet pump to bassett resrictor T, Then both ends go to the water pump housing, then outof the thermostat housing to each header injector.
    Is this right or why would Some one hook it up this way with out a bypass line.

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    do your self a favor put a ball valve on the pump or ease access so you can set your engine temp and before you go to the headers put another ball valve between your legs(drivers seat) so you can ajust h20 while your driven dont be cheep get the best radiator type hose or steel braid dont do it twice or sink or get burned i draged some guy in that was sinkin last year from cheep pepboys hose

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    o yea and what you were told is right no by-pass thats what the first ball valve does ,thats how mine is except it goes through my dan olson oil cooler first before the block and just a tee to split the h20 into the h20 pump holes

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    So I do not need a water line going over board from the thermostat housing? All the water goes out through the header?

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    Hawaiian what kind of headers do you have over the transon or thru the transon. If you have over the transon you are correct but I also recommend that you put a valve in after the jet. If you have thru transon then you will have a different set-up let us know which one you have.

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    I have Tru Transom Rewarder Headers Cruiser model

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    Hawwaiian, With those headers you want to hook up the lines like this:
    Water entering: from the pump to a valve to control how much wate will enter the engine (control temp.) Then to a tee ( not a resrictor ) then to the water pump houseing.
    Water going out: for one side of the thermostat houseing go to the bassett resrictor tee then to the headers. From the other side of the thermostat housing a another valve to control how much water enter the headers (normaly you dont want water to enter the header below 3000RPM) from the valve out of the boat - bypass.
    Some guys do run a vavle on the water-in line up to there seat to help control the engine temp, this would be your choice. I have my valve at the pump, set-it and leave it alone.

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    hey Hawaiian
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    If you go to bassett's online web page they have a diagram of how to set up your headers. The link is below.

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    Blown thats what the big rush is for.We'll be there friday night at the best western.
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