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Thread: What is the best way to remove powder coating?

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    I have a steering nozzle housing, nozzle, tiller arm and reverse bucket off of a friends boat right now and the powder coating is in bad shape so he wants to strip it and paint it with some good paint. He asked me what the best way to strip the powder coating and prep the parts for paint would be but I really don't know. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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    Jasco paint stripper works great on regular paint. im betting it will work with powder coat aswell. wether you paint or powder coat, prep is key. make sure you sand and clean real well befor re-painting those parts.

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    Powder coat is tough to remove. You might want to look for some stuff refered to as Airplane paint remover. That's the toughest chemical I've found at the auto parts store. Otherwise some kind of wire brush for your drill.

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    What grit paper should I sand it with? Wet or dry sand?

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    When I did my whole pump I found it was real tough. The small parts I soaked in some carb dip for a couple days. The rest I had to send out to the sandblaster.
    If your buddy paints it, I don't think it'll last too long......
    My 2 cents.

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    i finish sanded my pump and parts with 400 wet. used a 2 stage paint and a good clear. (X-treme clear cote). its holding up great and have alot of comments on it. some even thought it was powder coated. hell even jack at mpd asked who i had powder coat it. i was proud.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I have some of the airplane paint remover and I will give it a try. In a perfect world he could just drop it off at the powder coaters shop and get it done up nice, but some folks are on a budget and just have to make do with paint. If I can get it stripped good and sanded for him I think we are gonna try some black appliance epoxy.

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    This worked on my buddies eliminator, use plumbers glue the stuff for pvc pipe
    wipe the glue on let it set for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and watch your coating fall off!
    I watched him use it on a steering hub part and he later used it on the hand grab bar too
    Worked great!!

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    Blown 472
    Get a can of liquid gasket remover and spray it on and watch tha stuff bubble up.

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    fine a shop near you that does powder coating and take it to them and have them put it in their "strip tank" that will take them less than 5 minuets to strip

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